Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Review: Jamberry Nail Wraps

Review: Jamberry Vinyl Nail Wraps

I had the opportunity to try out Jamberry's Vinyl Nail Wraps and review them.   What are Jamberry Vinyl Nail Wraps, you ask?  They are vinyl nail wraps with beautiful designs, that you can apply yourself at home with a simple heat and pressure technique.  This was my first time to ever use nail wraps.  I have always been very skeptical of using nail wraps because the thought of "stickers" for nail polish just didn't sound very durable.  I am so glad I had this chance to review these for Jamberry.  My mind has been changed forever!  I absolutely adore Jamberry Nail Wraps now!
With nail polish, you MIGHT have one or two days that your nails look good and don't have any chips in the paint.  With Jamberry Nail Wraps, you can have a beautiful manicure for up to 2 weeks when applied correctly!  They have over 300 designs to choose from.  They even have a nail art studio so you can create custom wraps!  How cool is that?!?  They are $15 per sheet and each sheet of Jamberry nail wraps produces 2-3 full manicures or pedicures, depending on nail size.  Each set also has multiple sizes so you can be sure there is wrap that will fit your nail!  
The application process is so simple too!  
1.  Clean your unpolished nails with alcohol and push back cuticles.
2.  Match nail to the nail wrap that fits best.
3.  Once wrap is cut to size, hold with tweezers in front of your heat source (hair dryer) for 5-10 seconds until soft and flexible.
4.  Once heated, press wrap firmly onto the nail with firm pressure and smooth outward in a downward motion to remove any air bubbles.
5.  Trim excess material and file in a downward motion.
6.  Apply additional heat to seal it.

*Thanks to Jamberry Nails for allowing me to review for them.
*The opinions of this product are strictly my own.
*I received this product in return for an honest written review.